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bill williamson                            20th century

Sadly Bill died in 2003, he was a skilled and popular painter whose use of the palette knife created pieces rich in texture and atmosphere. He exhibited throughout the UK but was particularly well known and loved in his native North West and it's the North's rich landscape that provided the inspiration for most of his work. Throughout his career Bill was invited by Art groups throughout the region to demonstrate his technique, he also provided private tuition to many aspiring young artists. One of his students was Grace Makin whose work we feature on this site and the relationship between the two is clearly evident in their paintings. Bill lived in Northenden Manchester at the time he painted the above work. Pasted onto the reverse of this piece are two cuttings from the Bradford Telegraph and Argos.

The first dated May 1983 says - " Bill is a painters painter, his oils have all the expression and light one associates with the finest watercolours ". The second which is dated August 1983 says - " He paints like an angel, he is one of the few artists who can paint silence ".

We think that this beautifully crafted oil illustrates those comments fully.

We would like to thank Mr Arran Hall, his grandson, for helping us to put this biography together.