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ERNST FUCHS                                       1930 -

He was born on February 13th 1930 in Austria and is a painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, architect, stage designer, poet, singer and one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic realism.

In 1972 he aquired the derelict Otto Wagner Villa in Hutteldorf, which he restored and transformed into the Ernst Fuchs Museum which was opened in 1988. He studied sculpture with Emmy Steinbock (1943) attended the St Anna Painting School where he studied under Professor Frohlich (1944) and entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (1945)

He was a founder member of the Art Club (1946) as well as the Hundsgruppe which was set up in opposition to it in 1951. Between 1950 and 1961 he lived mostly in Paris and made a number of trips to the USA and Israel. He returned to Vienna in 1961 and his works have been widely collected




These were presented as a memento of the 1989  congresses of various Symposiums / conferences - See the  second photograph for the details.