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john lewis chapman                     1946 - present

He was born in Blackburn - Lancashire and attended classes at Blackburn College of Art. On leaving school in 1961 he started work as a junior layout artist at The Lancashire Evening Telegraph. He was made redundant in 1963 and decided to go back to art school as a full time student. He then took a job as a technical illustrator at British Northrop, his job was to produce line drawings of mechanical shovels, He worked there for four years until in 1968, when he was again made redundant, at which point he decided to establish himself as a full time professional artist. He soon sold several railway paintings to J Davy and Son, a gallery on Bridge Street in Manchester and from that point his work has been in constant demand.

He has exhibited all over the UK including The W H Patterson Gallery in Mayfair, The Howarth Art Gallery in Accrington and Blackburn Art Gallery