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pat cooke                                   1935 - 2000

Patrica Gerrard was born on 4th June 1935, she was the daughter of Frank and Lilian Gerrard. They lived in Mottram-in-Longdendale in Cheshire and it was here that Pat was to meet L.S. Lowry, who was later to live in the same village.

In 1946 she passed her scholarship to Hyde Grammer School and in 1948 she was introduced to Lowry who came to live at The Elms. Her father was a builder who carried out work on Lowry's house and happened to mention that his daughter was interested in art, he asked to see some of her work and thus a life long friendship was formed.

Over the years Pat and her husband Brian Cooke would spend a lot of time with Lowry visiting many parts of th UK and Ireland, their final trip together was in 1970.

In 1951 Pat attended The Manchester Regioal College of Art and went on to study at The Slade School of Fine Art in London. In 1965 she became a freelance artist and had her first one women show in 1958 at The Hyde Festival Theatre. Further exhibitions followed including Manchester Library in 1960, The Heineken Gallery in Amsterdam in 1970 and Salford Art Gallery in 1977.

Her work is now in numerous public and private collections and is highly sought after.