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tadeusz was                                           1912 - 2005

He was born in Zerkow in South East Poland. At the age of 22 he went to Krakow to study at the Polish Institute of Fine Art where he majored in mural painting and stained glass. He graduated in 1939.

With the war looming he joined the Polish army and in  September the Germans invaded. The army was forced out of Poland into Hungary, although he wasn't to know it, he was never to return home. He went on to fight in the Middle East and then Italy, which is where he found himself when the war ended.

Now he finally had the freedom to paint and he soon won the silver medal at the 1946 International Festival of Art. He was demobbed from the Polish Army in 1947 and sent to a displaced persons camp near Nantwich in Cheshire, which is where he met and married his wife Aniela. Life was hard but on discovering that his degree was valid in the UK he began to teach in the evenings at the Crewe College of Art.

In his later years he immersed himself in his painting, developing his totally original figurative abstract expressionist style. His pictures are highly textured and totally unique. His work is now extremely popular and much sort after by collectors both at home and abroad.